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DSC02266Regional Human Rights and Media Center has started a new project. The project of “Improving of business abilities of region youth in the field of media and social networks and extending blogger activity” will be implemented within four months. Within the framework of the project supported by the Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Azerbaijan 40 youths will be informed about social media. According to words of chairman of Regional Human Rights and Media Center Khalid Kazimov provision of freedom of media and freedom of speech is one of the most urgent factors in the field of protection of human rights and freedom: “Mass media is considered as a mirror of society in all developed countries. The developments taking place in society, public opinion and lifestyle are reflected on mass media. Although there are a huge number of youth who are interested in working on mass media in regions the opportunities provided for their activities in the country are not sufficient. However as the information technologies are developed during the recent years people prefer to get information from the internet. As the interest to print media has decreased the electronic media and blogs has become the mirror of the society. As the mass media structures of Azerbaijan are publishing articles taking into account the interest of the groups to which they belong not so much attention is paid to the facts related to the issues like violation of human rights and freedom which have high public importance. However, dissemination of this information through posting them on personal blogs and social networks could be important tool for provision of information to people. It will also help to increase activeness of youth from regions who are remained out of socio – political processes”.
According to words of chairman of Regional Human Rights and Media Center Khalid Kazimov trainings will be held in Aghdam and Goranboy regions for two days. During this trainings carry out by well-known experts in the field of media youths skills will be improved in the field of media. Also, youth will have an opportunity to express their absolute opinion, enlighten the social, economic and legal problems. Working skills of youth will be increased in the social networks. The youth will be informed about blogger activity, they will be taught how to create their own blog and manage it. Dissemination of information about the region will be possible through using the skills of these youth. Lightening on media the violations of human rights observed in the regions will attract the attention of the authorities to such problems. The ability to get information and the legal knowledge of the young journalists who work in the regional media will be strengthened and increased. The ability of youth to lighten social, economical, legal problems and expression of their free thoughts will be propagated. Also, the realization of social participation at the work of authorities will strengthen the work. As a final result this will be a contribution for providing the freedom on media and developing democracy in the country. As the activity of youth will be increased, they will become the main leading force of the society”.