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DSC02266One of the most important factors in protection of human rights and freedoms is provision of freedom of speech and press. In all normal countries press is considered the mirror of the society. Occurring events, people’s thinking and way of life are reflected at press. While there were numerous problems in the field of freedom of speech and press in our Republic. During the recent years people in Azerbaijan prefer to get information from internet in regard to the development of information technologies. Thus, electronic media and blogs are considered the mirror of the society. The Regional Human Rights and Media Center conducts activities aimed at increasing activity of youth and developing attitudes of talented youth in this field in regions. The grant allocated by the Democracy Committee further encouraged the activity of the Regional Human Rights and Media Center in this field. Through this grant the Regional Human Rights and Media Center attained a next achievement on youth employment and strengthened its capacity in the regions it encompasses. Within the framework of the project supported by the Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Azerbaijan 40 youths was informed about social media. Direct beneficiaries of the project were 40 active youth from Agdam and Goranboy. The organization informed the youth on development of working skills at media and social networks and creating blogs. The youth were informed on creating blogs and disseminating information about social-political life of the region and country they reside at their blogs. It was created good opportunities for youth to become leading level of the society through making use of information technologies, which gave them the ability to express themselves, as well. Each of youth attending the project is active at social networks such as facebook and twitter. Moreover, youth attended another project created 4 video and 11 post blogs.