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ukrainOn behalf of a large group of civil society organizations the Ukrainian embassy in Baku on Tuesday received a petition in support of the territorial integrity of the country. ” Civil society and NGOs in Azerbaijan closely and with deep concern are following the developments in Ukraine. Special discontent and anger are caused by political machinations and military provocations around the Crimean peninsula and the so-called “referendum on self-determination “, held in the territory,” the statement reads.Excitement raised by Russia around Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine is not consistent with the principles of good neighborliness and international law , the statement said.
The Azerbaijani people have experienced the cynicism and cruelty of such a situation for a long time , even in the early 1990s .
In January 1990 Azerbaijan without warning and using prohibited weapons faced the invasion of the Soviet Army . In Baku and regions with extreme cruelty were killed 131 people among the civilian population, including children, women, elderly, emergency doctors. About a thousand people were injured and maimed.
In the late 1980s – early 1990s Nagorno-Karabakh separatists under the protection of Soviet troops held referenda on the region’s unauthorized accession to Armenia and its direct subordination to the USSR, which are acts very similar to what is happening now in the Crimea.
Azerbaijani public organizations consider the latest events as paramilitary aggression on a sovereign state and a violation of all the recognized borders and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
Azerbaijani public condemns the annexation as elevation to the rank of state policy of the Putin regime and endless attempts of Moscow to revive the Soviet regime in the former Soviet territory.
This proves once again that Russia today can imagines itself heir of the Soviet Union, the statement says.
Azerbaijani public believes the Ukrainian nation and its people are a natural partner of the Azerbaijani people , and will always be there with Ukraine, and will provide all help and support.
The statement was signed by the Committee for Civil Society (40 organizations), the National Platform for Civil Society, the Forum of the Eastern Partnership Program (52 NGOs), the Public Council for the settlement of the Karabakh conflict ( 30 experts ) and the Azerbaijani Committee of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly.
The petition was presented to the embassy by a delegation of representatives of civil society. (Turan)