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RIHMMRegional Human Rights and Media Center is a non-governmental, non-profit-making organization that was established under the basis of human rights of its employees, joining voluntarily under the general interests. The activity purpose of the company is to protect human rights in region and to promote development of mass media. Therefore, the organization organizes several activities in the protection of human rights and development of mass media. The organization, conducts activities to provide legal assistance for people, to investigate their problems, to enlighten people, to enforce their knowledge of law and to protect freedom of speech and mass media. In order to realize these activities, the organization conducts investigations, organizes several courses, seminars, round-table conferences and meetings. Regional Human Rights and Media Center is one of the leading regional organizations, involved in promotion of human rights and media development in Aran region of Azerbaijan. So far, the organization has implemented several projects on media, human rights defense, and awareness-raising activities among people.
The goal of the organization: Development of democratic values, protection of human rights, provision of freedom of speech and Media and religious tolerance. The organization fulfils the following objectives according to its goals:
- Propagate and develop religious tolerance;
- Prepare registration documents of juridical persons and defend them at courts;
- The Defence of Prisoner rights;
- Support develop intitatives of youth;
- Support democratic initiatives;
- Protection of human rights and freedoms;
- Providing citizens with legal aid;
- Protection of freedom of speech and Media;
- Increasing legal education of citizens.
 International relations and partnerships
- UN office in Azerbaijan;
- OSCE office in Baku;
- UN Committee Against Tortures
- Embassy of the United States of America
- International Bridges to Justice
- World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT)
- European Union.
- Open Society Institute
- Humanitas Helvetica Organization
- Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency
- Conciliation Resources
Organization Background
1.         The monitoring of the theatres in the regions: determination of the problems and organization of social discussions” project had been implemented with financial support of the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation. Within the project the current situation of the theatres operating in Ganja, Mingachevir, Shaki and Gakh had been investigated, the results were presented to the social discussion and the suggestions for development of theatre art were prepared. Monitoring was held at regional theatres maintained at a great amount of funds allocated from the state budget every year within the project. The monitoring revealed that the number of the formal positions (employees) is two times more than the number of actual employees at those theatres. Furthermore, theatre buildings are in very bad conditions. 65 articles were posted on the country media, as well as one radio and two TV programs were prepared regarding the problem during the implementation of the project. After the completion of the project, proposals were prepared on efficient management of the state budget funds at regional theatres and presented to government agencies and the parliament. Owing to the project implemented, the buildings of Shaki and Mingachevir theatres were capitally refurbished and reforms were applied to management mechanisms.

 2.         The project “Organization of free computer courses for the war victim families’ persons” was conducted with the financial support of the State NGO Support Council and technical support of Baku Program Coordination of the Turkish Cooperation and Development Administration. The project beneficiaries include young people who are not able to get computer knowledge and skills at schools and whose economic status does not allow to attend individual courses. 27 out of 121 young people who obtained computer knowledge and skills were assisted in finding a job within the project. Presently, those youngsters are able to constantly use services of the Information Center created at the regional office of the Regional Human Rights and Media Center located in Barda district. The Center is provided with internet access.
3.         The organization has implemented the project on “Organization of sewing courses for the members of families affected by Nagorno-Karabakh War” (01.01.2012-30.09.2012) under the technical support of Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TICDA) Baku Program Coordinator and financial support of the State NGO Support Council. 60 young people were trained in sewing skills within the project. 18 beneficiaries who obtained vocational knowledge and skills continued to work in this area to meet economic needs of their families. At present, the organization carries on the provision of courses only for physically impaired persons at the expense of its internal funds.

 4.         The organization implemented the project on “Improvement of business abilities of regional youth in the field of mass media and social networks and extending blogger activity” (02.07.2012-30.10.2012) which is funded by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan. 40 active youths from Agdam and Goranboy region were trained in citizen journalism within the project. The Regional Human Rights and Media Center conducts activities aimed at increasing activity of youth and developing attitudes of talented youth in this field in regions. The grant allocated by the Democracy Committee further encouraged the activity of the Regional Human Rights and Media Center in this field. Through this grant the Regional Human Rights and Media Center attained a next achievement on youth employment and strengthened its capacity in the regions it encompasses. Direct beneficiaries of the project were 40 active youth from Agdam and Goranboy. The organization informed the youth on development of working skills at media and social networks and creating blogs. The youth were informed on creating blogs and disseminating information about social-political life of the region and country they reside at their blogs. It was created good opportunities for youth to become leading level of the society through making use of information technologies, which gave them the ability to express themselves, as well.
Presently, those youth are active at social networks. Moreover, they draw public attention to information relating to the region they live, through putting them in blogs they created.

 5. Regional Human Rights and Media Center has implemented the project on “Development of New Media and Regional Relationships” (01.11.2011-30.10.2012) together with Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS).  Regional Human Rights and Media Center implemented professionally all the duties entrusted within the project funded by the by the European Commission. The project significantly contributed to the development of civil journalism in Azerbaijani regions. Young people who have participated in the courses disseminate information related to the territories they reside on the country media taking advantage of modern technologies.

6. Regional Human Rights and Media Centre has implemented the project on “Construction of the sewage system in the Kalbadjar region secondary school No. 18 where study internally displaced persons ” with financial support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (01.07.2013 -30.09.2013”. The project also involved the construction of a sanitary unit consisting of three sections for a secondary school where 137 pupil study, 35 teachers and 11 technical staff work. An additional pipeline was constructed and a water container was provided to ensure continuous water supply of the sanitary unit. The wages of construction workers and expenditures of a certain part of construction materials  were provided by the Regional Human Rights and Media Center and the school staff.

7. Currently Regional Human Rights and Media Centre implements the project on “Free computer courses for youth in Karabakh settlement where internally displaced persons settled”  with financial support of Conciliation Resources organization (01.11.2013 -30.01.2014). Young people who are not able to get computer knowledge and skills at schools and whose economic status does not allow attending individual courses obtained computer knowledge and skills within the project. 20 youngsters residing in Garabakh settlement settled by IDPs obtained computer knowledge and skills within the project. Two of them were provided assistance in finding a job in Barda district after the completion of the courses.

In line with provision of free legal assistance to citizens in the country’s regions, the organization carries out activities in the direction of socializing unexecuted court decisions in those regions. Moreover, preparations are underway for establishment of a «Regional public advocacy school» to raise claims at courts regarding human rights violations and create opportunities for effective defense of residents of the country’s regions at courts.

The organization has implemented project with the financial support of Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation, Turkish Partnership and Development Union (TIKA) Baku Program Coordination, US Embassy in Azerbaijan, European Commission, Embassy of the Federative Republic of Germany in Azerbaijan, Conciliation Resources and Global Fund. It is a member of the Coalition for Improving Transparency in Extractive Industry (presently represented in the Coalition Council), Civil Society Support Coalition, Anti-Trafficking Awareness and Partnership Network and «United Opportunities» IDP Affairs Network.


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