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Rasim AliyevThe Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and the General Prosecutor’s Office issued a joint statement on Rasim Aliyev’s being beaten to death, APA reports.The statement reads: “The General Prosecutor’s Office filed a criminal case on the fact under the Article #126.3 (deliberate causing of serious harm to health, imprudence entailed to death of a victim) of the Criminal Code and an investigative-operational group was created consisting of officers of prosecutor’s office and police office.The criminal case, being under personal supervision of the head of state and arousing great public attention, was solved in a short time, perpetrators were found and brought to justice.
According to the initial investigation, Javid Huseynov, born in Jabrayil in 1984, called employee of Ann.tv, Rasim Aliyev who criticized Huseynov’s acts while answering the questions of journalists after the match between Gabala Football Club and Apollo FC (Cyprus) in Baku on his own Facebook page and demanded him to give refutation.
After this, J.Huseynov’s cousin Elshan Ismayilov, born in 1994 in Baku, phoned R.Aliyev and demanded him to give refutation and they disputed on this ground. As a result, in order to take revenge against R.Aliyev, Elshan Ismayilov created a group consisting of his close friends, including Jamal Mammadov, Arif Aliyev, Kenan Madatov and Samir Mustafayev and met with him at about 16:00 on Aug.8 in front of “Bayil market” store in Bayil settlement. They inflicted numerous serious injuries to R.Aliyev beating him by hands and kicks which caused damage to his internal organs, and fled from the scene. Although R.Aliyev was taken to the Baku Clinical Medical Center by an ambulance and examined and operated on, it was impossible to save his life, and he died there at about 05:00 on Aug.9.
E. Ismayilov, S.Mustafayev, J.Mammadov, K.Madatov and A. Aliyev faced charges under the Article #126.3 of the Criminal Code, and sentenced to pre-trial detention.
At this phase of the investigation, Javid Huseynov faced charges under articles # 307.1(not informing about known preparing or committed minor serious or serious crimes) and 307.2 (hiding grave crime without promising in advance) of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to pre-trial detention as there are reasonable suspicions that he was aware of his cousin E. Ismayilov’s organizing a grave crime, didn’t give any information and hid it without promising in advance.
The assumption that the murder was committed at the instigation of Huseynov is also being investigated.
The course of the investigation and taken measures are regularly reported to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.